Big Skincare Mystery Reveal!… or maybe not

There was an anonymous product campaign/launch, and certain beauty insiders were sent a 2 in 1 cleanser and mask skincare product that had no label to it, simply¬†instructions¬†on how to use and ingredient lists. It’s aimed at oily/combination skin, and was going to be a high street product. I was immediately intrigued because sometimes we buy products because of the packaging or brand loyalty.. and on the other hand we sometimes avoid products due to packaging and possible stigma surrounding the brand. I thought it was a really clever way of discovering whether you like the product or not, without any outside factors such as brand names and packaging affecting your decision.

There was an option to go on this mystery company’s facebook and request a sample, and since I was so intrigued I thought why not and requested one. Even though it took some time to arrive, it DID arrive before the date when the brand was unveiled. However, silly me only went and misplaced it didn’t I! After much digging around (I have TOO many samples) I found it and decided to give it a go.

As the sample itself was quite small there was no way I could use it as a cleanser and reap the benefits, plus I didn’t have oily skin either so I thought I’d use it as a mask instead as there was enough product to make an adequate face mask.

Excuse the slightly tired and dull looking face, I used it in the early hours of the morning! The instructions did recommend leaving the mask on for 3 minutes however I may have forgotten about it and left it on for slightly longer.. oops. But even so, I found that although parts of the mask dried and felt tight, the rest didn’t set. Since I like the tight feeling, I thought I would mind, but I didn’t! Plus it was easier to take off too.

Overall, I was actually quite pleased with the cleanser/mask, and was especially attracted to the smell as it smelt so good! I’m pretty rubbish to be honest at identifying scents but it smelt, fruity? Cucumber-y? I don’t know but it smelt nice. It left my skin feeling really soft afterwards and if it was a face mask sachet that I picked up at Superdrug or something, I would’ve been left satisfied.

Now, want to find out what brand this mystery mask/cleanser was?

You can find out more on the campaign and the brand on their Facebook page.

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