Superdrug Press Release

On Thursday (23rd Feb) I was invited to a Superdrug Press Preview event, to have a sneak peek at what is coming up for the summer and was also given the chance to try out a few things out. One of my favourite points of the event was simply the people that I met, from the event organisers to bloggers and company creators. We were given the chance to pick the brains behind some of the brands that were featuring in the Superdrug press preview, and that helped give us so much more insight into the brands and what they’re all about.

I met lovely fellow bloggers, such as Kaushal from, Aimee from, Saman from, Numera from and Safiyah from All very talented ladies and so nice to talk to.

The event was held at Haymarket Hotel which was gorgeous and lovely little canapés such as mini fish&chips were being served but that is enough about the decor and trimmings and now on to the main bit, products and services.

The first person I was approached by was the man (I’m so sorry, can’t remember his name!) who helped concoct the formula behind a new brand that is going to be hitting Superdrug stores throughout the UK. It is a brand called Elemis Fresh Skin, which is basically an additional line to the original Elemis brand. The thing that is so different about this brand is that it is aimed at the younger generations, mainly teens and those in their 20’s. I immediately thought that was such a good idea as luxury skin care aimed at young skin was niche in the market in my opinion, and I can’t wait to try this brand out as Elemis is a great brand but usually too mature for my skin. I don’t want to go too into it as I will do a post dedicated to this range very soon after testing products out.

I also viewed the Arora range, an ‘indulgent bathing and body collection’. It’s a collection which is a bit more luxurious than your average Radox and such, however not with a hefty price tag. Products are priced around £3.99 and will launch in April with 6 different scents in the form of Bath Shimmer (bubble bath), Shower Nectar (shower gel), Body Scrub and Body Butter. I really liked the shape of the bottles and was informed they are indeed a patented design that no one else will have.

I then discovered a range of nail products that are to launch soon, a Superdrug own brand called Finishing Touches. They had press on nails, nail stickers, nail art pens and also a nail art kit featuring glitters and gems. I really liked how they had products for every level of expertise, from amateur nail art lovers who can go for press ons, to those who are a little more confident and can use the nail art kit.

Superdrug also have their BB Cream launching in May, which is paraben free and has SPF 15, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic and Caffeine. It comes in two shades, light and medium, and will retail for £8.99.

I noticed that there is a new collection from MUA,the Love Heart collection which I believe has already launched in stores. From what I could see it has lovely nail polishes and lip balms, and is retailing for £2. I was given a polish and a lip balm to try, and I’m really loving the balm especially however again, I want to pick up more products from the collection and then give it a full review. I think I’m really inclined towards this collection as it is a collaboration with the Swizzel’s Love Heart sweets, one of my all time favourite sweets ever.

I love the Sleek display at the event, it was just like a real life Sleek counter that you come across in the stores however this had lots of lovely new products. For me the star of the show was the ‘Face Form’, an ultimate contour kit. The original Sleek contour kit is still my favourite contour kit ever and I love how these also featured a blush or bronzer. They come in four different shades to suit all skin tones and will launch in March for £8.99

For those who haven’t seen these in store yet, it is the recently launched Sleek Blush By 3. They are three complimentary blushes in one compact, and come in 5 lovely palettes. They retail for £9.99

I’m loving the 3rd and 5th the most!

Sleek are also bringing out this clever compacts called Base Duo Kit, which is a powder and cream foundation kit from what I can gather however I will get more information on this and post about it later!

These are the Sleek Pencils that can be used on eyes, lips and body and will retail for £2.59

I met the lovely Ana, from Faux lashes, a new eyelash brand which will be launching soon. The lashes are seasonal also, so for example new lashes will come out for Christmas, Halloween etc. I’m especially looking forward to the Halloween ones!


On the 2nd of April, a brand called Glam Republic will be launching ‘Illusion Eyes’ eyeliner appliqués which is a little similar to false lashes but instead of giving the illusion of perfect lashes, they give the illusion of perfect eyeliner which is absolutely symmetrical. I’m really gutted I didn’t take pictures of Kaushal wearing it however I got a pack and will do a review and demo on them later on. Wow, I really have got a lot of new things to try out and write about, which is I guess the point of these events! Single packs will be £4.99, duo packs for £9.99 and they come in super matte, velvet or a hint of sparkle. They also come in thin and thick.

I had my nails done at the Andrea Fulerton station, and came away with gorgeous sparkly nails and this is the only picture I could find of them. Being the silly person that I am, I smudged them really quickly but I really am going to have to grab some the sparkly glitter puff dusts became they looked so good! A gold and silver pack with top coat retails for £6.99

Pretty nails…

Finally, I had my eyebrows threaded! That was certainly something I really wasn’t expecting to do and right as I was leaving I gave in to it and had them shaped. I have had my eyebrows threaded previously however I wasn’t too pleased with the results so I stuck to my good old tweezers and refused to get them done by someone else. However the experience at the Ultimate Brow and Lash Bar has really got me rethinking that, as not only did I leave with lovely looking brows but also tailor made advice on my brows. I knew they were uneven and that was because I had taken of more than I should on one of my brows. It helped that she showed me exactly where so that I could now focus on growing it back! Eyebrow threading in store will be just £5, that has definitely got me tempted.

The lovely people from Ultimate

Picture of my brows that I took today

Overall, I had a lovely day and came back with lots of pretty things to try out and lots of things I’m dying to get my hands on so I can write about. More than anything the event has got me really excited about the summer and motivated about blogging about all the lovely releases. I met such nice people, and I look forward to seeing them again. The event was organised really nicely as we had a chance to wander around on our own accord and take time learning about different things. I was hoping to stay away from shopping beauty as I have been overdosing recently but now I can see that this addiction isn’t going to stop any time soon. Oh gosh.

I shall leave you all with a few pictures from the day.

Earrings that I can’t get enough of and wear with everything recently

Look of the day

Perfumes that will be launching

Inside the room..

Lots of tanning & sun care products 

New skincare line for Simply Pure

Later on Numera, Saman and I went to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant I was impressed with I NEED/HAVE to return again. It was so different to your usual Indian/Asian restaurant and the food was unique and yummy. It was called Dishoom and located near Leicester Square.

How different & unique is this ladies room sign? 

Mm, choc fondant and cinnamon ice cream

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  1. im loving the base duo kit— I hope they have it in lots of shades especially to suit asian skin tones– Im disliking MAC foundations only because they are soo orangey!!! too cakey for me..

    Love the post– xx

    • Yes, I hope they have lots of colours too but knowing Sleek they probably will, they’ve always got lots of shades. Ah I hate the orange-ness in some foundations!

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