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No7 Nail Polish Review

Throughout January and maybe a bit of December, Boots have been doing the No7 £5 Vouchers, and I have had a HUGE haul of all things No7. I know it is a bit cheeky but I never pick anything up from No7 unless I have a £5 voucher, it just doesn’t make sense otherwise. One of my first posts was regarding No7 purchases and I will definitely do another post on everything I picked up in January.

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish

However, this is a quick post/review on No7 nailpolishes. I have never tried these before, as my love of polishes hasn’t been too great before but I am definitely discovering it now! I picked up three shades, and I finally wore one today so thought, post time!

My thoughts on the polish:
I love the brush and the bottle, the brush spreads across the nails really well and covers my nails in a sweep. And I don’t know why but the shape of the bottle makes it feel more luxurious, which is weird yet true!
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish Tanzina
The one thing that really annoyed me was the drying speed. I kept getting prints on it, and little smudges and having to re-do and it was irritating me so much! I think I’ve relied on my fast drying top coat by Seche Vite for so long now, and as that has finally run out I’m not used to the slow drying pace. 
The pigmentation, however, was really good and I was impressed with it. Considering I used the least brightest colour, I was happy to see that  two coats were more than enough and any polish that requires 3 coats or more, I tend to avoid which equals to a waste of money. Overall, I’m happy with these and next time the voucher scheme is in Boots, I will definitely pick some more polishes up!
Price: £7.50 w/o voucher, so equalled to £2.50 with voucher.

I am editing this post, and uploading this post a day after applying the nail polish. The name of the nail polish range is ‘Stay Perfect’ and I am sad to say this is not true. Even though I let it dry for an hour, when I woke up this morning there were smudge marks, so I am definitely disappointed with that however when I get hold of another bottle of my favourite top coat, this problem will not be an issue.

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