IMATS London 2012: Haul

Finally, the IMATS haul as promised. I didn’t grab as much product as I was hoping to, I had put aside £250 for the day and only ended up spending a third of that probably at the show, however I didn’t come back with any products that made me think, oh I wish I didn’t buy that! I will quickly get on with the haul…

The first stand I went to was Crown Brush, a company I discovered last year and have used religiously ever since. I use their eyeshadow brushes the most on a daily basis so it made sense to pick them up as doubles and also try some new ones too. Here are the brushes I picked up, mostly eyeshadow brushes which were relatively cheap, equalling to around £30 for them all. Unfortunately I haven’t got prices written down any longer, and I cannot remember the prices for everything.

The second stand I went to, which was right next door was Guru Makeup Emporium, a company I purchases from online. However at the event everything on their stand was 20% off and I immediately noticed my beloved Bioderma. Usually the bottles are around £18 each and they were approx around £12 instead at the stand so of course I had to pick up two bottles to get me through the year!

Right next door to Guru was Makeup Forever. They had a ridiculous 35% off discount which I couldn’t ignore however I found myself slightly overwhelmed to say the least with the amount of products present. I made 3 trips back to this stand and these are the products I picked up.

The first product I picked up was this HD Creme Blush in shade 11. This looks amazing on bare skin, but especially flawlessly gorgeous on their renowned Makeup Forever HD foundation, a product I already own. RRP is usually £22.50 but obviously at IMATS it was 35% off. 

On my second trip to the stand later on during the day, I decided to purchase a highlighter, as I don’t own many highlighters for my cheeks. Although it wasn’t on my to-buy list, I was immediately attracted to the subtle fine shimmers in Makeup Forever’s highlighters and with the help of a make up artist at the stand, I chose a shade which would suit my skin colour and both blusher and bronzer. I picked up the Compact Shine On highlighter in Shade 5. The RRP is £27.50


The next two products I bought together, the first being a red lipstick. This lipstick was from the Moulin Rouge collection, and although this might make me sound slightly shallow, I think simply that fact was what sold it to me! Moulin Rouge is probably my most favourite musical slowly followed by Grease and I also liked the exclusive limited edition feel to the lipstick too. However, I’m not so shallow that I would purchase a product if I didn’t like it, the red lipstick has an orange base to it which suits my skin tone best and I loved the consistency also as it was creamy. I think I bought it for around about £11 including the discount which is amazing.

The second was an Aqua Cream, something I’ve been thinking of getting for some time. I was immediately attracted to the shade I picked up, I loved the shimmer and also thought I could use it lots for smokey eyeshadow looks. The Aqua Cream is also waterproof so doesn’t budge easily, which is great as a base. RRP is £17.50

I also went to the Illamsqua stand and picked up this Cream Blush in Libido which is a gorgeous reddish orange blush which I was also told can be used on the lips. At first glance it seemed scary red, however the makeup artist blended it into my skin and insisted it looks amazing on women of colour. And after seeing the blush after it had been blended in, I saw that she was right, it did look really good. It is definitely more of a summer/spring colour so I am looking forward to wearing more in the coming months!

And that is it, that is all that I picked up at IMATS. I was slightly dissappointed as I was hoping to pick up much more so I went off to Covent Garden. I was rather unsuccessful there too, however I noticed this belt in Zara in the sale, and loved the detailing. It was £17.99 and went down to £7.99 so I picked it up and went off to Space.NK to smell a few perfumes.

At Space.NK I asked to smell perfumes featuring Tuberose, a floral fragrance note that I know I am attracted to. After a lot of hesitation, I decided not to purchase anything and instead head of to Space.NK online and purchase a perfume I hadn’t tested at all. The reason being, the perfume is being discontinued and was reduced to £10 for 50ml. I thought that since it heavily features Tuberose, it could possibly become my signature scent for 2012 summer. Considering that p&p is £5 which to me is too steep, to make myself feel better I ended up buying two bottles, one cannot have too many bottles of perfume right… The perfume is called Tuberoli

We have finally reached the end of my haul post, I hope I didn’t ramble on too much.. but as there was many products I couldn’t get too much into describing each product in depth. However if you wish for me to describe them more, simply leave a comment and I will  (: I’m experimenting with my blog as I have found that I hate the way it loads, so pictures will be smaller for the time being in order to aid the process of page loading, however feel free to click on them to enlarge if you wish to do so.

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  1. Oh you definitely didn’t ramble on!

    The MUFE Moulin Rouge lipstick is just lovely and at £11 it’s just amazing. Also the Illamsqua blush you picked up is an amazing shade… of course wouldn’t suit my super pale skin but I can see how it would look amazing on your complexion.

    Also so glad you got to pick up your beloved Bioderma!

    Great post.

    Fee x

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