IMATS 2012 London: Part 1

I was fortunate enough this year to be able to attend IMATS 2012 which was held in London. This was to be my second trip, and I was extremely excited especially knowing beforehand that it was to be held in a larger venue. A quick summary to those who aren’t familiar with IMATS would be, a make up trade show featuring prosthetics, body art, retailers and a great get together of industry professionals. In my opinion this year IMATS was better in quality compared to last year as there were better make up artists showcasing better creations and much less crowding due to a larger venue! The prosthetics were amazing, I was actually petrified of a creation which I labelled the ‘Devil-Man’ whom I found myself running away from on various occasions.

I’ve decided to a two part feature on the event, part 1 covering pictures of artist’s work, stands and overall pictures from the show and another covering the products which I picked up. There was also a competition featuring students from all over the world, which was incredibly inspiring to watch as you could clearly see how passionate they were and how grateful they were to be chosen over hundreds of applicants.

Without further ado, here are the pictures…

imats 2012
You can clearly see the concentration on my face in the last picture!

At the MistAir Stand, how cool is this skull man?

The devil-man whose scary face, and height caused me to run away! Here he is having a stand-off/ romantic liaison with the model whose make up artist won the IMATS competition and £1000 prize. The fourth picture demonstrates his height!

 Paperself Lashes

The winner (model) and I

The second place runner up and her model.

This man was amazing. Great personality & talent, he was his own model!

Can you see her eyes? The end creation was exactly like the doll, but I had put my camera away :(

Winner : 1st place
2nd Place runner-up

3rd place runner-up

The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics stand

Lip selection at MakeupForever.. so much to choose from! I see the one the grabbed ;)

Face selection, and that wasn’t all of it!

Crown Brush Stand 

My personal favourite/holy grail: Bottles and bottles of Bioderma 

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, the products I purchased will be up in the next few days.
Tanzina x 

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  1. Firsly the level of concentration of your face is intense haha and secondly how scary is that devil man. I would of definitely ran away too…. he’s so tall and them black furry legs?! Too scary.

    The talent at IMATS is just crazy isn’t it… I mean that doll look is just amazing, I can’t even figure out where her eyes are!

    Really looking forward to your next post on what products you got etc.

    Fee x

    • AND he would breathe right up in your face, panting scarily! There were even better talent but the lack of sleep = lack of energy, wish I took more pictures!
      Yes, the product post should be up soon, editing does take time doesn’t it!

  2. Wow it looks like so much fun. The MUFE stand n the brush stand alone looks so insane I would’ve been going nuts not knowing where to start. Can’t wait to see your follow up on the stuff you got. Thanks nice pics very interesting talent.

    • Thank you (: Yes I think I spent most of my time at the brush stand and the MUFE stand, but I didn’t pick up as much products as I wanted to! I’m just editing the pictures now so they should be up in a day or too. Thank you for reading and commenting, makes it personal and feels lovely. Tanzina x

  3. Ok just so you know I am soooo crazy about brushes n that brush stand n all those brushes looked amazing n secondly I am loving the MUFE highlighter compact it looks so pretty n the cream eyeshadow I think that color will look beautiful with your skin tone. You got some pretty terrific stuff hope you enjoy maybe tutorial with all the stuff you bought ha??? Take care..thx for adding me as your friend that was really special.

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