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When I think of controlling frizzy hair, I immediately think of John Frieda Frizz-Ease. I have always battled with frizzy hair, more so when I was younger as it has seemed to calm down within the last few years. However it is only in the last year or so I have been slowly discovering the confidence to wear my hair down nauturally without attacking it with heat or tying it all up.

I remember a time when Frizz-Ease was just a serum and there were no variations or collections revolving around it. (That I knew of anyway!) Without doubt the original serum was such a success that they developed it and have many products today revolving around it. One of them is this, the Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Styling Spray. This product promises:

‘Curl perfecter transforms wilted waves and curls into sexy swerves, curves and spirals.
Alcohol-free formula leaves hair super-silky, never “crispy”.
Innovative magnesium-enriched formula penetrates hair to restore elasticity and spring.
Boosts and enhances your natural curl pattern.
Special conditioning and glossing agents help fight frizz and leave hair glistening with healthy-looking shine.
Non-sticky, non-greasy.’

Now I’m not greedy, I don’t ask for too much, I just wanted my little waves to look …less frizzy and more unified as waves rather than a birds nest which it initially was. I really liked the sound of ‘non-greasy’ which I found the serum sometimes was and ‘never crispy’ which styling sprays sometimes tended to be! I really wanted the waves to mesh together rather than stand out strand by strand which was a result hair sprays tended to leave.

So here are the results of the spray on my wavy hair. Before the spray my hair was much more frizzy and the spray definitely tamed that issue which is great. However it did leave the strand by strand effect as you can see and that looked a bit.. wet. I really didn’t want to have to brush my hair AFTER applying the product as that would brush out some of the product and kill some of the waves.  


   (Yes, I like to get ready in my hot pink jim-jams)

I later went to actually brush it out a bit, and it definitely improved however I’m yet to try it again and maybe that is saying something. The end result, after brushing it out was rather satisfactory and was much better than if my hair was left alone to its nest like state and not calmed down with the spray. Hmm, this post is making me realise the spray was actually pretty good as in the end it did the job!

Oh, and it had heat protectant in it. Off I go to find the spray.

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