Glitter Nails

Firstly, before I start please let me apologise for the previous post, the HTML mess is basically my site undergoing some maintenance! To make it up to you I thought I’d quickly upload my first MakeupAtoZ nail post. I used 3 products for this and for once will let the pictures to the talking… well most of it!

Max Factor Nailfinity Disco Pink

Now, don’t expect great results as this is one of the first times I’m experimenting with nail-arty things… see I don’t even make sense, but maybe you can be inspired to recreate it and make it completely amazing. I did this look as a pick-me-up because I think the winter really is getting to me, and hot pink makes me happier somehow!

Step 1: Use basecoat if you wish to, and apply your preferred shade. I am using Max Factor Nailfinity 704, Disco Pink.

Step 2: After letting it fully dry, get a clear polish/ topcoat and paint a clear arch shape on the tip of your nail, like the white in a french manicure.

Gosh GOSH Nail Glitter 02 Gold

Step 3: Don’t let the clear polish dry, instead dip your nail into your glitter. Now, I’m sure this will work well with any fine glitter but here I am using GOSH Nail Glitter 02 Gold.

Step 4: I wouldn’t recommend using an expensive topcoat, or any at all to be honest because there isn’t much fall out after it dries properly and you don’t want glitter bits floating in you polish, but I had a cheap £1 topcoat that I need to use up rather than throw out so I used that.

AND ta-da..

Now I’m not 100% ooh this is amazing, but I can see how it could be rather amazing. Starting with longer nails! But it definitely is acting as a perk me up as I type this post and I think with a bit of practise by summer, fingers and nails crossed, I will become better at nails and doing creative things with them!

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  1. Ohhhh I like this a lot! I wore pink glittery nails last week and it cheered me up even though it was freezing cold out!

    But this looks like an even better hot pink… really need to hunt it down and then re-create this on my blog I think :)

    Fee x

  2. loving this hot pink and gold combo look… ive bought myself the glitter pots but i find them so fiddly to use ( maybe im applying the glitter with the wrong type of brush)

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