My Resolutions Update – February

Good morning, and welcome to my February updates. How are we even in the middle of March? Where is this year going? I wanted to touch base, and like last month (check that post here) I wanted to pen a resolutions update for February. I feel like this makes me feel a little teensy weensy bit more accountable for the resolutions, and potentially might make it more likely for me to actually complete my resolutions this year, unlike any other year before. Plus, sometimes I like having a nosey at what is happening in someone’s life, so maybe you’d like a nosey at mine!

January was a very draining month for me, and I am happy to report that February was not the same. My spirits are back up, and although I definitely did hit the occasional bump in the road, I am working to be more positive and happier. I’ve been keeping myself busy, and I think that has been helping me drown out some of the negativity that is present in my life. I spent some time with my family, I went out with my friends quite a bit, and all in all had a pretty good month. Let’s get onto the resolutions and see how I have been getting on. I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of been dreading this.

  1. Get Fit & Tone Up – Ugh. Okay so I am happy to report that I went to the gym… once. But hey that is a 100% improvement on last month! Who am I kidding, this hasn’t been great. In my defence I did start fasting at the end of the month, which makes going to the gym a little trickier but honestly I could have done so much better. Again for March, I am going to try turn it around, so who knows, maybe next month will be better. Although knowing me, that is being severely optimistic. I have taken out my trusty Fit Bit, so let’s see if that makes a difference. Leave me your username in the comments if you have one!
  2. Fix Blog, Blog More and Upload More – Hurray my blog is fixed! From a technical point, I am happy with how the blog is functioning. I wouldn’t say my blogging has dramatically become more consistent, but I have started writing more posts. I am aiming for a blog post once a week and a YouTube video once a week. I am happy to report that I have been consistent with you Youtube uploads (my channel) and may consider increasing my uploads to twice a week. Let’s see how it goes, I don’t want to run before I can walk.
  3. Become a Positive Person – This one is really hard guys. I find it so hard to switch my mind off from thinking about some of the rubbish situations I have been in, and how people have behaved and it is definitely a struggle letting it all go and concentrating on my happiness. In comparison to January, my mood has improved hugely and I guess this is a work in progress. I’ll get there I am sure, what doesn’t break me only makes me stronger.
  4. Start Praying More – This resolution makes me so happy, and probably contributes hugely to the above resolution. I have been praying consistently and honestly it has done wonders for my mental wellbeing. I have also started taking Arabic classes, and I can already see an improvement after 4 lessons.
  5. Create a Home – As discussed in last month’s resolution update, this one is parked for now. But exciting things are slowly starting to happen.
  6. Learn How To Wrap a Saree – Ugh, haven’t even visited this resolution once this year!
  7. Wake Up Earlier – Okay this is still something I just can’t seem to conquer. I still rush every morning. I still waste away my weekends when I could be doing something more constructive than just sleeping in. I am going to try this weekend to wake up earlier than usual and go from there. If you have any tips on becoming a morning person, they would be greatly appreciated!

So here we are, Feb updates completed and already in the middle of March. I’m finding it both daunting and motivating writing these update posts, I think it makes me answer to myself. I hope you guys are getting on well with your resolutions, I’d love to hear about them. If you don’t already, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@makeupatoz) as then you will get daily updates on my resolutions. Speak soon! Tanzina x

Five Beauty Favourites of February

Good morning loves, today I bring you my February favourites. I’ve been wanting to do monthly favourite videos for my YouTube channel, but I thought I would start it up here first. Rather than having an endless list of favourites, I thought I would do a post on my five beauty favourites of the month. That way I get to share with you the products I really have been loving a lot, and using over and over throughout the month.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Firstly, we have the Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I’ve been using this daily for around two months now and I am really impressed with it. My skin has been so dehydrated recently due to the cold and excess heating I use to warm my room up. This has been a saviour, it quenches my skin and makes it look and feel a lot healthier. It keeps my dry skin at bay, and has quickly become a product I reach for day and night. What I love more about it, is that is very affordable in comparison to other face oil products I have used in the past (Sunday Riley Flora – £70 a pop!). Also it doesn’t really have a scent to it, meaning it doesn’t aggravate my husband when I put it on at night in bed. I have just purchased Rosehip Oil from The Ordinary for a cheaper, so I will be doing a comparison post to see how it compares against this beauty.

You can pick this up [here] for £19.50

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Dazed

Next, a liquid lipstick. If you caught my latest blog post [read it here], I talked about the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks. My favourite surprisingly isn’t one of the nude shades, instead I have been wearing Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Dazed over and over again. It’s not too bright, but bright enough to make me feel like Spring is imminent. The consistency is perfect, and it feels good on my lips.

You can pick it up [here] in a set of 3 for £26.00

Top to Bottom: Peach Smootie, I'm Peachless (Duo Chrome), 
Cocoa Bear, Magic Act (Foiled), Havoc (Duo Chrome) and Pretentious 
3. Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

Makeup Geek eyeshadows have really made a positive impact in my life. I rarely pick up any of my palettes and keep dipping into my custom Makeup Geek palette every day. The shadows are just so easy to work with, blend beautifully and have great colour pay off. Every time I wore eyeshadow this month, I dipped into this palette. Even if it is just for an under brow highlight shade, in the form of Peach Smoothie. I do have one complaint with one of the shadows, I don’t like the black shadow Corrupt. I will be replacing that with Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow in Noir, which is the best black I have ever used and is so rich and pigmented which unfortunately Corrupt isn’t.

You can pick some up [here] for £4.95

4. Fenty Match Stix

I didn’t think I would like the Fenty Match Stix  quite as much as I actually have. If I am honest, I bought the Fenty Match Stix Trio in Medium 200 and left it in its packaging for months and months. However now that I finally have cracked open my package, I cannot get enough of the shade Mocha. Head over to my Instagram [link] and have a look at how I use it. This is the perfect contour shade for me, and so easy to apply and blend. I really love using it and it has got me back into contouring, which is a bit of a necessity at the moment as my face is filling up!

You can pick the trio I have [here] for £46.00
You can pick up Mocha by itself [here] for £21.00

Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream

5. Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream

Last but definitely not least, Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream. So many people have raved about this and it took me a while to actually pick it up. It is such a generous little pot and a little really goes a long way. I use it daily and find that it really nourishes my under eyes, it’s a lovely texture and feels really nice to apply. It feels quite rich, which is exactly what my parched skin needs. I don’t know if has done anything in terms of reducing eye bags and fine lines, but to be honest I wasn’t expecting it to. I just needed it to make my under eyes feel better and anything more is a bonus. It is hands down, the best eye cream I have used.

You can pick it up [here] from £26.00

I hope you liked my give beauty favourites of February, I want to make this a regular thing so hopefully you’ll see a post or video like this on a monthly basis. I don’t think it is going to be easy thinking up items, as I am a bit of a creature of habit and like to keep using the same thing over and over, but at least you’ll get to see what products I truly adore. Let me know what your favourites are! Speak soon, Tanzina x

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Set

I have been wanting to try Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks since the day they launched. I patiently waited for them to arrive in the UK, and I was kept waiting as it seemed to be exclusive to the US website and not available on Cult Beauty. I HATE paying taxes and custom fees so I remained stubborn and refused to splurge. Fast forward quite a few years and I finally have some Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks! They do now have a UK website, but more than that, they now have the range on Cult Beauty. I picked up a mini set of the liquid lipsticks and today I can finally share my thoughts on them.

I picked up a set as it worked out so much more economical than buying one full size shade. The trio I picked up are simply called the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Set, it consists of 3 flattering shades, and retails for £26. Each liquid lipstick contains 2.3g of product so you are getting 6.9g for £26. One full size liquid lipstick (3.2g) is £20. I thought the set would be a great way of testing out the formula across a few liquid lipsticks just to see if they are all consistent and perform well. Plus I rarely use up a full liquid lipstick so it makes more sense to pick up minis over full size liquid lipsticks for me anyway.

The set contains three shades, Dazed, Bittersweet and Hudson. I believe Dazed was a pre-existing shade whereas the other two are newly introduced shades. Let’s quickly show you what the shades look like and how I would describe them.

Dazed – this is described as a ‘rich, slightly rusted red’ shade, and I would say it’s a fairly good description but would add that it has a brown undertone and dries darker than what you see in the tube. It’s a beautiful shade, and is so pigmented you really don’t need to bother with a lip liner at all.  It’s so easy to apply and lasts well.

Bittersweet – This is described as ‘deep cocoa meets mauve’. It’s a rich brown shade with a reddish mauve undertone and is the darkest of the trio. If you want a flattering brown, this is a great shade to pick up. Bear in mind that this shade is exclusive to the set so you can’t pick it up as a single. Again this applied like a dream and lasts really well.

Hudson – This is described as a ‘stunning dusky rose crossed with peach’. I would agree with the dusky rose, but I couldn’t pick up the peach on myself. Dusky rose describes it perfectly, and like the other two shades, there is a tinge of brown to it. Again pigmentation is insane, and no lip liner is required. This works as the perfect nude for my skin tone.

You can pick the set up [here] for £26.00
You can pick up individual shades [here] for £20.00

I am genuinely blown away by this formula, I am so surprised at just how easy it is to apply and how consistent each shade was. The formula is smooth, and thin enough to apply easily but not too thin that it feels watery. I think the formula had a reformulation and I am glad I held out to try this version. Each shade I tried was opaque with one swipe and the drying time wasn’t bad either. The edges take a little longer to dry but that isn’t really an issue. The lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips and lasts quite a long time on me. I wore it to work and after about 6 hours it started fading. You can be sure that I will be picking up more shades, or be waiting patiently for Cult Beauty to drop the next trio on their site.

Nowadays I have realised I am getting a little picky with what I blog, I only really like to talk about products that blow me away or something that I think may help out a few people and I think this is a bit of both. I am so glad I picked this up rather than a single £20 full size liquid lipstick, as it is has meant I got to try a few shades and get to see if they are all consistent. I will definitely be picking up more shades, even though £20 is quite pricey for one shade on my opinion. Keep an eye on the Anastasia UK website, I think they sometimes have deals on which makes it a little more affordable. I really hope you liked my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick set review, do let me know if you’d like to see more swatches from the range or even a YouTube swatch video.

Speak soon, Tanzina x

My Resolution Update – January

Good Morning guys, and Happy Mid February. It’s crazy how fast that came around, it feels like yesterday when I was seeing in the New Year. Since I openly shared my New Year’s resolutions, in the hope of being held accountable, I thought I would update you all with how I am getting along. This is going to be embarrassing, as honestly, January was one of the worst months I have had in a long while.

Let’s bring you up to speed, emotionally the month has been very up and down for me. There were some really nice highs, like my birthday and also my sister’s graduation, but there have been lows as well which have left me mentally drained. I don’t cope well with feeling low, my go to method of coping is crawling into bed and staying there for hours on end. As you can imagine that brings my productivity levels to a halt and I don’t get much done. And all that does is make me feel even lower and it’s a vicious cycle that is so hard to break. So now that February has peeped, I am starting to slowly rebuild myself up again, as I don’t want to let the year slip away without achieving my goals and targets. Talking about targets, let’s discuss my New Year’s resolutions and how I got on with them. You can read my original New Year’s Resolution post [here], I was feeling a lot more positive.

  1. Get Fit & Tone Up – Sigh, this hasn’t moved at all. I haven’t even visited the gym since I returned from Bangladesh. The first 2 weeks, I had a very irritated stomach which meant exercise was out the question. On a positive note, I did lose quite a bit of weight. I am hoping February is going to be the month I go to the gym, even if it is once or twice a week. I need to build my stamina back up.
  2. Fix Blog, Blog More and Upload More – Hmm, again another fail. I have upload just one blog post (check it out here) and no YouTube videos, I am working on content at the moment so hopefully I will change this. I have however worked on fixing my blog, and am in the middle of completing the fixes, so at least there has been progress in that front.
  3. Become a Positive Person – This definitely did not work during January, mentally my anxiety and stress levels really hindered that. I can’t wait to start feeling better and happier and becoming more positive, but I do also know myself and know that this isn’t something I can’t force. It needs to happen naturally so who knows, maybe my February update will be a little more positive. I am also planning on looking into reading positivity, self-growth books so if there are any great ones you’d recommend, please do let me know.
  4. Start Praying More – Okay, something I can say I am actually doing. As I’ve mentioned, mentally I haven’t been 100% and honestly I think praying has made me feel a lot better. I am still not as consistent as I would like to be, but I wasn’t expecting that straight away. I just know I am getting a lot more regular at praying, and if that is the only goal I tick off this year I won’t be too disappointed in myself. I know my parent’s would be the happiest parents in the world!
  5. Create a Home – This is a goal that I know needs to be parked till towards the end of 2018. However it doesn’t stop me from buying way too many home bits!
  6. Learn how to Wrap a Saree – No progress with this on either. I may go home today and just bring out a saree, blouse and petticoat from my wardrobe and leave it in plain sight so that I am more likely to practise.
  7. Wake Up Earlier – This is a new resolution which wasn’t a part of my original resolutions. I need to wake up earlier. I am most definitely not a morning person and I realise that is also something that works against me when it comes to being more productive. I sleep in quite late on weekends and also rush every weekday morning and I would like to change that. Hopefully it is something I am able to combat this year.

So those are my resolution updates, it’s definitely not where I thought I would be when I first wrote them out, but life always has its own plans for you no matter how well you plan out what you want to happen. I’m going to have to forgive myself and accept that health comes first. I’d be lying if I said I am okay to be in this position for our next update, so please keep your fingers crossed for me so that next month, I have more positivity to share. Speak soon, Tanzina x


Primark Lip Liner Review and Swatches

I tried my first Primark lip liner about 3 months ago. My expectations were very low, I mean how amazing could a £1 lip liner really be? But saying that I was impressed would be an understatement. I was blown away. The Primark lip liners have become one of my most favourite lip liners I’ve ever used. I felt like I had no choice but to write a Primark Lip Liner review for you guys, just in case you were missing out on this amazing steal.

Primark Lip Liner Review and Swatches

There isn’t too much you can say about lip liners, so I am not going to bore you with an essay. Let’s start off with packaging, the liner is cased inside a black pencil and what I really like is that the lid and the bottom of the pencil are the shade of the actual lip liner that is housed inside, which makes picking up the right liner much easier. Might sound like an insubstantial thing, but when you have 10 minutes to get ready for work or run late, you’ll be grateful for the seconds you have by not having to read the tiny print to figure out what shade you picked up! Another thing I noticed and really appreciated was just how easy these lip liners are to sharpen. They sharpen so smoothly, none of that jagged edge sharpening rubbish you get with some other liners.

Now on to the product itself, the lip liner is so rich and pigmented and so creamy. It’s an interesting consistency, it is creamy but still tough enough to stick to your lips rather than slip off. The staying power is great too, the same as any high end lip liner I have tried. I’m used to using lots of MAC lip liners, but I doubt I’ll buy another (except MAC Spice, can’t give that up). These lip liners are just as good, and can I re-iterate that that these lip liners are ONLY ONE POUND.

The colour selection is really generous too, honestly Primark have got this product so right. I picked up the following 8 shades:

  • Red Velvet – A beautiful true nude for my skin tone. It’s not too warm, with the right amount of pink in it to make it really flattering. Interestingly it is called Red Velvet, there is really nothing red about it so not sure where the name choice came from but that aside, it is perfect.

  • Rosewood Mauve – This is a pink mauve, again really flattering and beautiful. It’s an easy to wear shade, you know the ones where you can just apply it and not worry about it clashing, or looking out of place. That is this shade

  • Bordeaux – This is a deep plum shade, it has red undertones which makes it a little bit berry.

  • Toffee –  I love this shade, it is an orange toned brown and perfect along shades such as MAC Taupe, Huda Beauty Trendsetter and Beauty Bakerie Gingersnap which are some of my favourite lip products.

  • Vamp – I was expecting this to be a lot deeper than it actually is, but it is actually a really wearable deep red. Not as vampy as you would think it would be from the packaging which for me is a good thing.

  • Desert Sand – This is a light pinky peach nude, and a shade that is a little too light for my tan skin tone. However I wanted to swatch it for you guys as I know it will suit a lot of other skin tones.

  • Bombshell – This is my kind of summer shade. It’s a no excuses hot pink, a little fluorescent and really beautiful. It reminds me of a MAC shade that I just can’t remember the name of. It is so frustrating when that happens! Either way, I love it.

  • Scarlett – A beautiful, smooth and creamy red. I love this shade and wear it a lot, some of you may know I am a huge red lip wearer so I have tried and tested a lot of red formulas. This is lovely and will suit a range of skin tones.

Out of these, I would say my favourite are Red Velvet, Rosewood Mauve, Bombshell and Scarlett. Red Velvet has quickly become my every day lip liner. I usually pair it with Beauty Bakerie Syruptious and the two just look amazing together. A red lip is a necessity to me so of course Scarlett was going to be a favourite. I’ve been using MAC Ruby Woo liner as my red lip liner and these replaces that without a doubt. It’s creamier, tugs my lips less and looks just as good. I have mentioned it is only £1 right?

To make life a little easier for you, I have decided to create a swatch video so you can see how the lip liners look on me. Of course I am of tan complexion, but if you are not, you will still be able to get the general gist of the shades on offer and know which ones to keep your eyes out for. Also, I haven’t showcased the entire collection. There are still lots more shades to choose from!

You can watch my Primark lip liner swatch video [here]

I really hope you liked my Primark Lip Liner review and swatches, I’ve been meaning to post this forever so I am super glad I managed to before I head off to Bangladesh for 3 weeks! I’d love to know if there is anything else from the Primark beauty range you’d like me to review and swatch, because after all, who doesn’t love an amazing steal. Speak soon, Tanzina x