Essie Spring 2017 Collection

Morning loves, today I wanted to quickly share with you a little nail collection that recently landed on my doorstep. If you’ve been following me for the past few years, you might know that Essie nail polishes are actually one of my favourite formulas, from when I first discovered Mint Candy Apple way back when. Today I’ve got some polishes from the Essie Spring 2017 collection to share with you today, so let us get on to this beauty of a collection.

The collection consists of 6 pretty bottles, and today I have 4 of those to share with you. I will quickly talk through the shades that are in the collection, before I share with you the one that I like best. We have from left to right:

  • On the Roadie – a vibrant kelly green with avocado undertones.
  • Excuse Me, Sur – a gorgeous light pastel,  described as a sun kissed coral mango. This took me 3 coats to get opaque.
  • Backseat Besties – described as a delicate pink plumeria. I find this to be a gorgeous bubblegum pink with blue undertones. You have to be patient, this took me three coats to perfect.
  • B’aha Moment – an enlightening pink pomegranate. Looks like a bright pink with blue undertones.
  • Designated DJ – a plum sangria crème, for me it is a deep berry purple.
  • All The Wave a sapphired indigo

So I have gotten hold of: On the Roadie, Excuse Me, Sur, Backseat Bestie and Designated DJ. I adore pinks so initially it was Backseat Bestie that jumped right out to me. However I’ve been wearing pinks quite a bit (Essie Chastity from the Retro Revival collection [review here]) so I decided to try Designated DJ first and just fell in love with it.

The shade itself is perfect for spring, just the right dash of colour to help you get away from the winter blues. I don’t have many purple shades, so this shade slotted into my collection perfectly. I would describe Designated DJ as a dark, deep berry shade, a true burgundy plum tone. It has a creme finish which I really like, and becomes opaque easily with two thin coats. I like how it dries down with a high shine, I didn’t use a top coat so you could sort of see for yourself. I would say Essie formulas are usually pretty good, you have some that are a little bit of a miss when it comes you opacity/lasting power but this is definitely not one of them.

I’m not really one for bright colours on my nails (other than pink) so the green seems a little scary to me. However 2017 should be the year for being brave and getting out of my comfort zone a bit, so don’t be surprised if you see green nails over on my Instagram [email protected] I actually really am digging the blue shade too (All The Wave), I wish I had gotten this in my package as it seems to Spring appropriate. I think it is definitely going to be one to pick up as I haven’t got anything like that in my collection either.

These retail for £7.99 and you can pick them up [here]. Currently, there is a buy one, get one half price deal on.

So that is it for the peek at the Essie Spring 2017 collection, let me know if there were any shades in particular that have caught your attention. Speak soon, Tanzina. Oh don’t forget to like my post on Bloglovin’ if you enjoyed it (:

Huda Beauty Brown Edition Liquid Matte Minis Review & Swatches

Hi loves, I’ve been working on a Huda Beauty Brown Edition Liquid Matte Minis swatches video, and I finally have it up to share. I thought it is only right that I write an accompanying review as you don’t really get that from a swatch video. I’ll keep it short and sweet and cover what you can expect from the Huda Brown Edition. I’ve never really tried Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks out before, so when I saw these mini kits I knew I had to pick one up so that I could form an opinion on them.

Huda Beauty Brown Edition Liquid Matte Minis

There are 4 kits available, but the Brown Edition definitely looked the best in my opinion. It seemed to contain the most wearable colours, warm tones which really flatter tanned skin tones. Having never used Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks before I was really interested in finding out what the formula was like and whether they were comfortable to wear. I found that the colours were very rich, one swipe was enough to fully coat my lip and they were really easy to work with. They dried slightly slower on me than other liquid lipsticks (Beauty Bakerie, Lime Crime) but nothing significant enough to put me off wearing them. They felt really comfortable on the lips, not drying at all, I would say actually probably one of most comfortable liquid lipstick formulas I’ve used. Unfortunately there is a slight complaint, they don’t last as well as other liquid lipsticks. If you are just out and about and not snacking/eating, you have no issues what so ever but after a meal you will definitely have to re-apply. For me this is fine, I would probably touch up on long lasting liquid lipstick after eating anyways, so a re-application isn’t too much of a bug bear. I find that the drier your lips feel, the longer MOST products last. So it makes sense that the most comfortable liquid lipstick doesn’t last as long.

Let’s talk colours. Each kit contains 4 shades, and the Huda Beauty Brown Liquid Matte Minis set is no different. The kit contains Flirt, Trendsetter, Spice Girl and Vixen. I genuinely actually like every single shade in this kit which in itself is really surprising for me. Usually when I buy sets, such as the Kylie mini kits, there are shades that don’t suit me or are too light but Huda really has catered well for the tanned skin tones. I’ll quickly talk through each shade for you.

Huda Beauty Flirt Liquid Lipstick
Huda Beauty Flirt Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Flirt Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Flirt liquid lipstick feels like a perfect nude to me. It’s a cool toned nude on my skintone, and has definite brown tones running through it. I think it will suit quite a lot of skin tones and it is so easy to wear. One swipe is enough for full coverage and it doesn’t go patchy. Initially after applying, it is a little tacky so you have to wait a bit for it to dry but once it has dried, you are good to go. Full size is £18.00 and you can pick it up [here].

Huda Beauty Trendsetter Liquid Lipstick
Huda Beauty Trendsetter Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Trendsetter Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Trendsetter Liquid Lipstick might be my favourite, I’m still making my mind up between this and Spice Girl. This, screams my name. It reminds me very much of my all time favourite matte nude(ish) lipstick – Taupe [I’ve spoken about that here]. It has strong peach undertones and I feel like it really flatters me. I’m wearing this as I type, and I’ve had a couple of compliments on it at work today. The formula glides on, doesn’t take too long to dry, and is properly pigmented. I can see myself picking up this up in full size once my mini runs out.

Huda Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Lipstick
Huda Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Lipstick
Huda Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Lipstick is a mauve shade on me, and again I can’t get enough. It reminds me a lot of Limecrime Saint [spoke about that here], a shade which I have pretty much used up. I love browny mauve shades so this was bound to be a winner. Pigmentation is great and like all the other shades, this one is so so comfortable. One thing I really do like about the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick is that if you layer it, it doesn’t get cakey and dry and horrible. So even if you are touching up, you don’t need to completely remove it before you apply again.

Huda Beauty Vixen Liquid Lipstick
Huda Beauty Vixen Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Vixen Liquid Lipstick

Out of all the shades I think Huda Beauty Vixen is going to be the one I wear the least. Not because I don’t like it, but because the other shades are more every day shades and this is more of a bold colour. I am more of a bright red kinda gal, and this is more of a deep brown red. That being said, it won’t go unused, I think for the days I am being a bit more bold, this can be the shade I turn to. I think date night when I look at it, so it will be my go to for a more glamorous lip.

Overall, despite the fact that the lasting power isn’t as great as other liquid lipsticks, I am loving this kit. Every single shade is so pretty and I know it is a kit I will get a lot of wear out of. I don’t think I will be picking up any of the other Huda Beauty mini kits, simply because I can see that I won’t like one or two of the shades, I am just so glad that I picked well and loved every shade in this set AND all the consistencies were good. The set retails for £33.00 which works out to be £8.25 per mini (1.9ml). It isn’t cheap, but I don’t regret picking it up at all. You can pick it up [here].

You can watch the swatch video below or [click here]. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Speak soon, Tanzina x

My First Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Pretty much everyone who knows a thing about beauty, knows about the UK grown brand Charlotte Tilbury. There has been so much positive feedback about the brand, especially the lipstick range, and I just can’t find a valid excuse to give you to explain why I have never tried anything from the brand. My best friend bought me a HUGE advent calender thing ages ago, full of Charlotte Tilbury products, and it has taken me forever to start using products from it. Okay – I am a hoarder, I’ll admit it, I was saving it for a ‘special day’. Anyways, life story over, the purpose of today’s post is to talk to you about my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and that is what we are going to do now.

My First Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

So in this magical advent calender thingy I was given, was the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red lipstick. Red Carpet Red? It may as well have been called Tanzina (my name by the way) as I am ALL about a good red lip. Let’s quickly talk packaging, because the packaging has become quite iconic. Rose gold, ribbed, with a good weight to – everything a luxury lipstick should be. I can see why these are used as props for beautiful blogger photos. The bullet is usually instantly recognisable, with a straight edge across the nib. Nib, is that even the proper way of describing it? I was so intrigued to see if the unusual shape was actually a help or a hindrance when it came to application.

When I think Red Carpet Red, I think MAC Ruby Woo – vivid and bright and very Marilyn Monroe-esque. However this wasn’t that, instead it is a like a slightly dark red, still classic and still classy. I would say that undertones are more on the cool side, and very flattering on a range of skin tones. The finish is matte, but a really comfortable creamy matte, meaning that it doesn’t highlight dry lips and is a really easy application. The pigmentation is good, it’s not a fully opaque, but opaque enough if that makes sense. It just shows slight hints of your natural lip. It leaves a slight stain, meaning that as it wears off, it isn’t really unflattering. It lasted about 5 hours on me, which is adequate for my needs. This isn’t a liquid lipstick so I wasn’t expecting crazy lasting powers.

Back to the nib, and it’s flat edge. It isn’t a gimmick, it is actually really really useful. It lines my lips really well, I am a definite advocate for lining lips first and this sort of takes the need away as makes application so precise. I know that all good things must come to an end, and as I use this, I am bound to wear down the flat edge but it is really nice to have the first few applications made easier.

Overall, I am really impressed by my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, I will definitely be picking up more shades. I think I will be opting for shades from the Matte Revolution collection, as I’m all about the matte lipstick finish. I’ve got my eye on Love Liberty and Bond Girl, so hopefully they’ll be joining my collection this year. These lipsticks aren’t cheap, they retail for £24.00 so definitely not an every day purchase! But I think it is worth it for that small slice of luxury.

You can pick up your Charlotte Tilbury lipstick here.

My Current Hair Favourites

I feel like I haven’t written a current hair favourites post in ages, so I decided today was the day to rectify this. I’ve been switching up my hair care routine recently and I’ve been noticing some positive difference so I thought I would share some of the products I am loving. My hair is long, fine, frizzy, wavy and sometimes really frustrating to work with. It’s not very thick so can end up looking limp, and sometimes lacklustre and dull. It’s not the easiest hair to work with but it is the only hair I have so I have to make the most of what sometimes feels like a dim situation. Here are a few products that have made taming my mane a little easier.

Parlux Powelight 385

For years I have been using a Collexia hair dryer, however I finally switched it up and changed to the Parlux Powelight 385. Oh my god, had I known what I was missing, I would’ve switched earlier. I actually had the Parlux Powelight 385 sitting in a drawer for ages, and I only got it out once I was married. It is SO powerful, and dries my hair much much faster than the Collexia did. It is also really light weight, meaning I can maneuver it a lot better, and reduce some of my natural frizz. It makes washing my hair feel a little less inconvenient. It’s a little more expensive than a normal hairdryer, it retails for £89.99 [here], but I think it is worth every pretty penny. I’m starting to get used to straightening my hair simply using this, meaning I’m maintaining more body in my hair as I am skipping using my GHDs.

Tangle Teezer

I’ve heard people rave about the Tangle Teezer for years and I don’t know why I didn’t ever pick one up. I had a ‘dupe’ of a Tangle Teezer and I thought ah it is pretty much the exact same thing, no need for me to buy a real one. How wrong was I? It feels like the brush goes through my hair like a knife through soft butter. I don’t have really knotty hair, but do get the odd few knots and this takes them out so effortlessly. I also use this on wet hair, and it just combs through it without causing any damage or pulling any hair out. I also use the Blowdrying Brush as I was gifted a set containing both from my lovely friend Fee from Makeup Savvy. Again, it has made my blowdrying routine so much easier. Couldn’t recommend it enough. You can pick up the Tangle Teezer [here] for £10.60 or the set [here] for £24.95

Moroccan Oil

I would say most beauty lovers have heard of Morrocan Oil, but for the past few years I’ve been using Kerastase Beauty Elixir so didn’t see the need for this in my collection. Clearly I was stupid. This so much better in my opinion, you only need a tiny bit, and it doesn’t weigh down my already limp looking hair. It makes my hair feel softer and I’m sure it makes it look shinier too. I feel like it also makes my hair more manageable, less fly aways and frizz. It smells divine, so what is there not to love? I especially love that it comes with a pump, I think I would love it a little less if I had to pour it at every use but the packaging is perfect for me. I don’t use this as a treatment oil, but as part of my styling routine. So far, no complaints, I doubt I’ll pick up Kerastase again. It doesn’t come cheap, around £32.85 for the full size bottle (125ml) but as I use about half a pump around twice a week, I know this will last me forever. You can pick this up here.

TIGI S-FACTOR Stunning Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I am not a huge spender when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, but I do have a soft spot for S Factor shampoos. I’ve dabbled in a few different ones from the brand, but understandably it is the volumising ones that appeal to me. These smell so amazing, I know that isn’t enough of a real to try a shampoo/conditioner, but who doesn’t love their hair smelling amazing. I’ve been trying this combo out for a couple of weeks, and even without using any additional products, when my hair dries it does feel less limp and seems to contain more body. I love the conditioner especially, it leaves my hair smelling delicious and my hair super soft. I’ve been a little naughty, I’ve been skipping hair masks because the conditioner is doing such a good job. On the topic of hair masks, please leave me your suggestion as I am on the hunt for new ones. The shampoo and conditioner are actually currently on sale if you are interested, you can pick the shampoo up [here] for £10.85 and the conditioner is [here] for £11.55. You can also actually pick up a free TIGI Bedhead Small Talk Mini if you bought these two together today on the Look Fantastic website.

I did have a little unofficial resolution at the beginning of the year that I will learn more about my hair, what works for it, what doesn’t and also how to style it better. I don’t think I’ve completed the resolution yet, but I am getting closer to the end goal which feels pretty good. Just need to learn a few more styles that work for me and start using more treatments in my hair. Let me know if you have any hair favourites I should check out. Speak soon, Tanzina x

Soft Smoky Makeup Look

I recently had a local event to attend with my husband and family. It was a charity comedy night, but to me it was more an excuse to dress up a little bit. I ended up creating a soft smoky makeup look and I filmed it for you all to watch. I finally found an angle in my new bedroom that I was kinda happy with, so I perched the camera and started filming. It’s been quite hard getting used to the new set up and mostly managing my time wisely, sometimes (a lot of the times) I feel pulled in so many directions, that my YouTube and blog end up being the biggest casualties. It’s fair to say I was quite proud I actually managed to film something for you! 

So this look was sort of in between ‘I’m not making too much effort’, and ‘I am making a lot of effort’. I thought going with a thin line of liner, no contouring, no severe highlighting, I would look a little less try hard. Let me know if you think I managed to achieve that? Ooh I also tried out the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics eye shadow palette and it is fair to say I have fallen for it quite dramatically. It has the most beautiful packaging, and the shadows are so buttery and more importantly, all matte! It was so easy to create the soft smoky makeup look I was after.

Let’s talk products:

I thought this look was pretty easy to create and it didn’t take me too long. So onto the video, you can watch it below or [click here] to watch the video.

I would love to know what you think of it, I’m using a different set up so would love to know if you think the quality is clear, if my face is close enough or too close even to camera, did I explain it properly to you? Basically I would really appreciate any feedback you may have. I hope you liked my soft smoky makeup look, and remember if you DID like it, please like the video and subscribe. Now, what shall I film next?